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McGregor vs Mayweather : Floyd will be ‘too clever’ for McGregor on August 26, says Ricky Burns.

In Biblical terms, Conor McGregor taking on Floyd Mayweather is David vs Goliath. But there is a more recent, apt example to draw parallels with — Michael Phelps vs Great White Shark. The latter, arguably the greatest aquatic killing machine. The former, a swimming champion — who has like most humans, spent the majority of his life on land. The event was publicised as the greatest Man vs Wild event ever. For all you could fathom from the teasers, this was going to be a race to the finish line between the champions in the chilly Atlantic waters.

Thankfully, nothing like that happened and Phelps only had to swim in the Atlantic while a simulated shark was added to the final footage by Discovery’s graphics team. But the hype had ensured Discovery averaged more than five million total viewers, making it the the No. 1 basic cable network on primetime Sunday night. The key words being ‘hype’ and ‘numbers’ here.

mayweather vs mcgregor fight

mayweather vs mcgregor fight

Much like sharks, boxing is under threat and needs saving. While the Mayweathers and the Pacquiaos might still be amongst the highest paid athletes, boxing has been feeling the heat with dwindling viewership, and fans taking to other combat sports, like Mixed Martial Arts’ Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The boxing Federation did try to brush away all claims saying the number was distorted due to pirate websites streaming the matches, but truth is, boxing has been on a downward trajectory for a while now.

(FILES) This file photo taken on July 11, 2017 shows Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L)as he faces off for the first time with UFC fighter Conor McGregor during a press call at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will be allowed to wear lighter gloves when they clash in their Las Vegas superfight this month, it was confirmed on August 16, 2017. The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) approved a request from both fighters to switch from 10-ounce (283-gram) to eight ounce gloves, despite concerns raised by safety experts. Lighter gloves carry less padding over the knuckles, potentially making for a more explosive spectacle. / AFP PHOTO / Gene Blevins

This file photo taken on 11 July 2017 shows Floyd Mayweather Jr (L)as he faces off for the first time with UFC fighter Conor McGregor during a press call at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Australian betting website Btwin reported that while 4.6 million tuned in to watch Manny Pacquiao take on Floyd Mayweather (2015), only one other bout crossed the million views mark till late 2016. In the same time frame, five UFC bouts crossed the 1 million viewers mark. Boxing did salvage some pride with Pacquiao v Horn averaging 3.1 million and Keith Thurman v Danny Garcia (which was free on TV) hitting 3.7 million. But to put things to perspective, Lennox Lewis v Mike Tyson fetched a 7.5 million subscription audience while the Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier bout, dubbed ‘The Fight Of The Century’, was watched by 27.3 million in the US alone.

So why is the viewership falling? The strongest claim, something the boxing federation perhaps seems to believe, is that the fight has gone out of boxing. People want punches, blood, contact and characters. While Mayweather might be a big talker outside the ring, he is a seasoned fighter best known for dancing away from the punches than delivering them. Manny Pacquiao is an Asian and his foray into politics coupled with his constant homophobic slurs meant there was little to milk out of him.

The lack of characters of meant the focus became on the sport itself and how the fights were fought. While it is natural for sport to evolve — just as the blood-spitting defenders of the past have been replaced by elegant playmaking defenders in modern football — boxing lost its so called ‘bloody’ appeal in the process. A glimpse through top boxing blogs in the last decade would see umpteen calls for boxing to change its ‘sissy’ stance and encourage more action. People wanted to see a fight, a knock-out, and an uproar. Not just a loud build up with little aggression in the actual fight. And boxing, struggling to find its modern day equivalent of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Rocky Marciano, had to oblige.

It tried to address the issue by making two bizarre announcements in the the summer of 2016: 1) Helmets became no longer compulsory in amateur boxing. 2) Even professional boxers could take part in the Rio Olympics.

The decisions were essentially boxing announcing ‘let us bring back the good old blood’.

While the timing of it meant not a lot of pro boxers could take part in Olympics, this was a clear indicator of what boxing’s policy will be for the future. A policy that is guaranteed to win in 2017 — polarising, borderline populist, but by-and-large problematic. Boxing needed to consolidate its blood loving, trash-talk-loving audience who were shifting their allegiance to UFC. And what better way to do it than beat the mixed martial arts champion, a trash-talking, testosterone oozing beast, who has been winning the heart of combat sport lovers.

So after initial refusals from Mayweather’s side, the idea of a bout started picking up speed with traditional boxing investors flooding in to support. Suddenly it wasn’t just McGregor and UFC trying to take a big bite into the large cash pie that is professional boxing. This was the big spenders of boxing trying to ensure their sport remains on top. Overly hype the event and then beat McGregor. Bring the UFC audience to boxing, beat the sport, and stake claim to being the greatest combat sport.

Mayweather was more than happy to oblige. He will probably not have faced a less seasoned opponent all his life. This is after all McGregor’s debut bout. What an easy way to equal Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. Not to forget make a lot of money in the process.

Honestly, what are the odds of this even being close? Yes, a lot of us did think Phelps would race a shark and a lot of people would tune in to watch Mayweather v McGregor under the impression that the battle will be close. But you do not win 49 professional bouts for nothing. Add to that the fact that McGregor, a master at using his entire body to pin the opponent, will not have his lower body to rely on to knock out the opponent. McGregor is going to get killed.

The build up tour has been in tune with the overall narrative. Both the boxers have resorted to gimmicks that will give the masculinity-demanding fans a turn on. Both called each other a ‘pussy’ (multiple times); ‘bi**h’ was used like a conjunction, and there was McGregor’s ‘monkey’ chant. Sexism, racism… you name it they gave it. And the fans apparently love it.

If early predictions are to be believed, the bout could generate the biggest pay-per-view event of all time, with Mayweather set to make around 100 million dollars from the battle.

Sadly, the best thing boxing has to offer in 2017 will be a battle between a seasoned boxer looking for one last fat pay cheque and a Mixed Martial Arts champions who has never boxed. Maybe boxing should take a deep breath and introspect.

While entertainment, packaging, and promotion are essential components for modern day sports to survive, nothing can beat quality inside the ring. But it could really backfire as well? The Mayweather v McGregor battle has the potential to be dull. Mayweather is known for his defensive approach, and he would be happy to dodge punches and end it at that.

What if the bout becomes a dull match with no knockouts? That will hardly do the world of boxing any good, will it? Their champion struggling to take down MMA’s McGregor.

Ali or Leonard did not became popular for what they did outside the ring. And hence, what boxing really needs is to focus on identifying stars at an early stage and make the sport a sport again. Pacquiao and Mayweather are at the end of their careers and boxing really has no one to take over the baton from them.

How things have changed since French theorist Roland Barthes wrote about boxing in his ‘Mythologies’: In his famous essay on amateur wrestling, Barthes says, “The logical conclusion of the contest does not interest the wrestling-fan, while on the contrary a boxing-match always implies a science of the future.”

While this might have been true in the 1950s, boxing has been to reduced to a hyped up spectacle with results getting more and more predictable. Something the philosopher believed amateur wrestling was.

Will the Mayweather v McGregor bout bring about a change in fortunes for boxing? Will it help eat into UFC’s audience? Or is boxing dying?

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UFC Champions Conor McGregor completes weird boxing workout.

IT was the first public showing of Conor McGregor’s boxing skills and the UFC star has left a lot of people wondering after it.

Does he have the tools to down Floyd Mayweather and shock the world? — Or is McGregor playing with us all.

Not one to do things by the book, McGregor brought his unique style to his media workout at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor boxing fight online

The Irish star displayed his boxing skills, using the heavy ball, maize bag and shadow boxing throughout the session. But many on social media found the session underwhelming.

Several fighters poked fun at McGregor’s boxing workout — in particular former middleweight world champion, Sergio Mora.

But just as the world was ridiculing McGregor’s boxing ability, UFC president Dana White released clips of the much talked about sparring sessions between the Irishman and former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi.

The boxer lashed out at McGregor after their heated sparring sessions last week.

Malignaggi said he was set up and made to look stupid by the McGregor camp after “beating up” McGregor — but the UFC star returned serve.

“He can say what he wants. He got his ego badly dented,” McGregor told reporters. “He got his a** whooped. He was flattened, what can I say. It did not go well for him.

“When I was hearing all the stuff he was saying, I said, ‘it’s concussion talk’, the man was badly badly concussed. I mean look at his face, he got busted up bad.”

While Malignaggi asked for the UFC to upload the full sparring session, White has released two short clips, that show McGregor in a positive light.

In the first, McGregor rocks Malignaggi with a heavy left hand that stuns the American and leaves him stumbling towards the ropes. While the second clip shows Malignaggi falling to the canvass after a McGregor combination — although referee Joe Cortez seems to call it a slip, just as the clip concludes.

Despite the criticism, “Mystic Mac” returned ahead of his showdown with Floyd “Money” Mayweather and he’s predicting a quick night’s work.

Conor McGregor is known for making bold predictions before a fight and he used his media workout to declare his latest.

Floyd Mayweather has proposed the two fighters sport eight-ounce boxing gloves for their August 27 (AEST) showdown, something the Nevada Athletic Commission will vote on next week.

But McGregor has sent a warning to the undefeated boxing legend, saying he doesn’t see the fight going very long if he’s allowed to sport the lighter gloves.

“Trust me if we’re eight ounces, I’m struggling to give him two rounds,” McGregor told reporters. “That’s the god honest truth. The only reason I maybe give him two rounds is because in this game, the referee stops me pounding his head into the canvas and he gets ten seconds to recover.

“That’s the only reason he might get to the second round. If it’s ten ounces, maybe four rounds.

“I will knock him out bad — he is too small.”

The Nevada commission typically mandates 10-ounce gloves be worn in boxing bouts at 147 pounds (66 kilograms) or heavier. Mayweather and McGregor is taking place at 154 pounds (69kg).

But given the fact a 49-0 fighter is facing someone on their boxing debut, it’s not the first time traditional rules have been altered in the unique showdown.

McGregor held his media workout in Las Vegas on Friday (Saturday morning AEST) and said he had watched Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition a day earlier, and wasn’t impressed.

“I see a beaten man in his eyes, in his body language, in everything he does,” McGregor said.

“In my mind, it’s an easy fight.”

When asked what makes him so confident heading into what is the biggest test of his combat sports career, McGregor offered a short response. “I get it from hard work,” McGregor said. “I get it from the work I put in.”

McGregor also used his session to blast his critics in the media. Some commentators have said he and Mayweather have turned the fight promotion into a sideshow. But the Irish UFC star told those present at his training session that they should embrace the fact he is different.

“Don’t act like you’re not excited by all this,” McGregor said. “You’re sick of the boxing game, you know it.

“You’re sick of everyone in the boxing game, same s***, same boring s***.

“To all of boxing. It’s OK to love me as much as I love me.”

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Boxing Fight : Secret behind McGregor sparring photo revealed.

PAULIE Malignaggi has revealed the real story behind the viral photograph of him laying on the canvas in front of Conor McGregor during their hotly-debated sparring session in Las Vegas.

The photograph (above) was published on Twitter by McGregor photographer Dave Fogarty on August 4 with a caption “there (sic) no conspiracy, there (sic) no photoshop just pure unadulterated power”.

Malignaggi has furiously denied he was ever knocked down by the UFC star during the 12-round session, insisting he was pushed down in the moment captured by Fogarty.

McGregor hasn’t specifically addressed the situation — a move Malignaggi believes is aimed at maintaining the mystique around his boxing ability.

But in a lengthy discussion of his experience in the Irishman’s camp, Malignaggi put everything on the table.

“The funny thing about the pushdown round was this … it was during one of his worst moments,” Malignaggi told the MMA Hour. “He pushed me down on the floor to try and catch a break. The instant I went down I got up and I remember I continued the trash talk and said ‘what’s up, buddy? you need a break?’

“I started taking it to him right after. I said ‘there’s no breaks here, you don’t get no break’ and started hitting him with more body shots and said ‘take those, they don’t feel good’. And I heard him start to whimper … and said ‘take those, eat those, get used to those’.”

Malignaggi quit the camp after the image was leaked following the session — the second time he sparred with McGregor as the two-division UFC champion prepares for his boxing debut against all-time great Floyd Mayweather.

The retired pugilist, who won world titles in two weight divisions during a career in which he fought the best fighters of his era, labelled McGregor a “scumbag” and a “bitch”, his team a bunch of “cheerleaders” and the accommodation he was provided with while he stayed in Las Vegas a “crackhouse”.

Malignaggi’s analysis of the 12 rounds was McGregor started and finished strongly but he was able to dominate in the middle rounds.

“He caught a nice one (beating) for five rounds,” Malignaggi said.

“After seven, which was one of his worst rounds, he tells me ‘7-0 me’. I remember walking back to my corner yelling back to him, ‘whatever school you went to they didn’t teach you how to count’.”

Malignaggi was also bemused by the presence of UFC president Dana White and McGregor’s manager, Audie Attar, at the spar, believing they were invited because “The Notorious” expected to dominate. But as Malignaggi’s confidence grew in the middle rounds, he made sure White was aware of what was happening.

“I was feeling so good I started yelling at Dana White … ‘this is the bitch you brought me here? 24 hours ago I was on a flight!’ …

“I knew that Conor heard me across the ring. Dana didn’t acknowledge it with any kind of emotion, he didn’t say anything, but he was looking at me when I was saying it.”

In his only public comments on the controversy, McGregor told Showtime’s All Access: “He (Malignaggi) stayed in there, you’ve got to respect him for that. But that was it. He came, he got his ass whooped and that was it.”


But Malignaggi painted a much different picture of the action and said he regrets offering his services in the first place.

“I land in Vegas and they tell me, ‘you’re going 12 (rounds) tomorrow’,” Malignaggi said.

“Now, for people who aren’t familiar with a training camp, no one is ever expected to do 12 straight (rounds). The fighter in camp does 12 straight, but when the fighter in camp does 12 straight, he alternates (sparring partners).

“Doing it like that you’re gaining two things — you have the sparring partners all at their best and, like I said, (the fighter in camp) gets uncomfortable — you have to be comfortable getting uncomfortable at times.

“By the time you get to the third (sparring partner), you’re tiring, you’re uncomfortable. And the (sparring partner) is fresh, he’s looking to beat the crap out of you, you know?”

“He hung tough the first five rounds,” the veteran boxer added. “He came out sharper, with more of a purpose (than their first sparring session). He hung tough for the first rounds, he even landed a couple of good shots, but I was starting to take over.

“My work was more consistent. My style was more consistent. My counter punching was sharper. My jab was sharper. There was just more consistency on my part …

“I’ve done this for 20 years of my life, so from one sparring session to another to another, the rate at which I progress is a lot faster because the muscle memory comes back. The reaction and timing starts to come back at a faster and faster rate.

“Even if he got better from the first sparring, I got way better from the first sparring. And on the third and fourth one, I would’ve got better and better. By the end of camp, this guy would’ve understood after two sparring (sessions), that his ass was going to get beat for the rest of camp.

“From about six rounds on, he became very hittable. So much more hittable that I was putting more weight on my shots and sitting down more on my shots, and of course, the body shots started to affect him more and more.

“Of course, I’m talking the whole time, because the first time he made sure to talk the whole time. Now I’m talking more and more and I’m letting him know, ‘you can’t hang, these body shots feel good, right?’

“In MMA the body shots aren’t the same as in boxing in that there is consistency to body shots in boxing. There is a debilitating breakdown from the body shots in boxing. Little by little you feel the air come out of you with fatigue.

“Fatigue is always hard because you don’t have enough snap in your shots any more. You can’t throw as often as you want to.

“He stopped talking because he wanted to save as much energy as he could. He stopped throwing as many punches. He caught some nice ones for the first five rounds. The nice ones he caught were the whole time when I was talking.”


Malignaggi still hoped the two men could put their differences aside and posed for a photograph after the action stopped.

“Then I said, ‘Conor, do me a favour, bro. No more of these crazy pictures’,” Malignaggi said. “The week before, when I was working (commentating a fight between Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia), the media was there for the fight week because that was a big fight in boxing. All everybody wanted to know about was these pictures.

“I told Conor that it becomes very hard for me to not disclose the NDA that I have when you’re putting up pictures of me.

“I am not one of the other sparring partners. Nobody knows who the other sparring partners are. Everyone knows who I am. When you put up a picture of me in sparring, the media rush comes to me and I have to answer questions that I don’t want to deal with.

“I have to try and make you look good. I want you to look good. I want to say things that make you look good. I want to promote you and help you out, but not at my expense.

“I also have to try and figure how to do it without making myself look bad now because you’re putting out me in compromising positions with these pictures.

“I had this conversation with Conor after the second sparring in the dressing room and this is probably when I realised what a dickhead this guy is because at that moment we had just done 12 hard rounds and there’s a respect that I’m feeling, at least.

“He looks at me, and I’m expecting, ‘you’re right, Paulie — you got it, let’s just keep this good work going.’

“Instead, he looks at me and he gives me this smirk, laughs at me and he starts walking away from me.

“He gives me his back, he’s walking away towards the showers and he’s like, ‘Ha ha, I don’t know Paulie. We got some good ones in those last two rounds. I don’t know about that.’

“At this stage I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to walk into the dressing rooms and tell me I got Punk’d. I thought it was a joke. I thought there was no way this guy is that much of an asshole.”

Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor : still trying to hype their fight

LAS VEGAS (AP) — It’s a fight (or at least an event) born and bred by social media. There is really no reason for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor to meet in a boxing ring Aug. 26 other than a lot of UFC fans think it’s a great idea and it will make the two fighters a great deal of money.

So it’s little surprise that both are trying their hardest to find something — anything, really — to kick start a promotion that has floundered after a four-city preview tour last month was met with mixed reviews.

If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s a condensed version of the latest from As The World Turns, Mayweather-McGregor style:

SMALLER GLOVES: Mayweather began the week by declaring on social media that he is not only willing but eager to fight with smaller gloves than the 10-ounce gloves used in 154-pound boxing matches in Nevada. That isn’t terribly significant, except that UFC fighters use four-ounce gloves and UFC fans believe McGregor would be able to knock Mayweather out easier with smaller gloves. The only problem is Nevada boxing officials would have to make a rule exception to approve the smaller gloves, and Mayweather hasn’t asked them to do that. Chalk this up as nothing more than a promotional smoke screen.
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MONEY IN PLAY: The second episode of Showtime’s All Access series promoting the fight opened with Mayweather showing off stacks of money while talking about how he will make even more against McGregor. Later, he bought shoes for his son and a $20,000 purse for his teenage daughter. It’s an old act, one Mayweather has used since he fought Oscar De La Hoya 10 years ago, and a tired one.

SPARRING SPAT: In what Paulie Malignaggi sees as Fake News, McGregor’s camp put pictures out online showing him on the canvas in a sparring session with McGregor. Malignaggi tweeted his disgust and claimed he had whipped McGregor in both of their sparring sessions, then announced he was leaving the McGregor camp. The real news here is Malignaggi, a Showtime analyst who will work the bout, is nothing more than a shill for the fight. It’s in his network’s best interests to promote it as much as possible, and his reasons for sparring with McGregor are suspect at best.

STRIPPED AWAY: If the fight business doesn’t work out for Mayweather, he’s still got a stable of women working for him at his strip club. Mayweather took time off training to put pictures online promoting his Girl Collection club that opened earlier this year just a short drive from where he and McGregor will meet at the T-Mobile Arena.

NEW JOB: McGregor is also getting in the entertainment business. He announced this week he signed to be a host at the Beach Club at the Encore hotel for two years, beginning the night of the fight.

LOTS OF TICKETS: There are still tickets — and lots of them — available for the fight. For some reason (embarrassingly lousy sales perhaps?) Ticketmaster has disabled its interactive screen that would show all the seats in the arena, but original tickets — not resale — are available from $3,500 in almost every part of the arena. There are also still plenty of closed circuit tickets left to watch at various MGM Resorts hotels at $335.41 for two seats and the MGM Grand has cut its room rates for the weekend.

BETTING: A staggering 95 percent of the tickets (and 85 percent of the money) are on McGregor (now at the William Hill chain of sports books). If Mayweather should somehow lose, the chain’s Nevada books will suffer their worst loss ever, more than a million dollars.

UPCOMING: Both fighters will hold separate media days this week. Expect lots of F-bombs and pontificating, but little about the actual fight itself.

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When is Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor? Fight date, time, TV channel and price.

The superfight between undefeated former champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather and UFC champion Conor “Notorious” McGregor is creeping closer and closer, and both fighters are starting to step up their preparations.

Showtime continues to shadow the two fighters with its All Access series as they get ready for the August 26 showdown at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Episode 1 primarily concerned itself with the promotional tour involving the two fighters and the war of words involving Floyd Mayweather Sr. and the two fighters. Floyd’s father was happy to engage McGregor, and the Irish fighter did not hesitate to fire back. He attempted to belittle Mayweather with his verbal assault, while the two Mayweathers were dismissive of McGregor’s skills.

The second episode did not show the two men engaging each other, but both were free with their philosophies and opinions.

Mayweather was quite interested in making sure that everyone knew he was not hurting for money.He explained that he was going to make $300 million for “36 minutes of work” and that he had plenty of money without the upcoming payday.

With that statement, Mayweather had one of his assistants hand him a large leather satchel, and Mayweather started pulling out bricks of $100 bills (53-second mark). “You won’t make this in a lifetime,” Mayweather said in his matter-of-fact style.

While Mayweather was counting his money, McGregor was in the gym trying on regular boxing gloves and head gear, and it all seemed new to him. After he got his gloves on, he says to himself that Mayweather will be unconscious inside of four rounds.

Mayweather, meanwhile, was not in the gym preparing for the fight. Instead, he was doing hot yoga with a number of women, and when he was done exercising, he was talking about his interest in strip clubs and that might be his next venture after boxing.

While most seem to think that McGregor’s UFC career means that he doesn’t have a boxing background, Showtime’s cameras went to the Crumlin Boxing Club in Crumlin, Ireland. That’s where McGregor’s interest in combat sports started, and he learned his trade at that club at the age of 10, where he stayed for seven years.

Phil Sutcliffe runs the show at Crumlin, and he worked with McGregor to become a southpaw boxer. Sutcliffe explained that it gave McGregor more options when fighting because he had power in both hands.

Mayweather left Las Vegas and was relaxing in Miami, talking about how many mansions he has and once again going on about his cash. He was not interested in training at this point, and when he returned to Las Vegas, he went roller skating and shopping with his children.

McGregor flew in boxing analyst Paulie Malignaggi to help him prepare for his fight with Mayweather. McGregor said that he had heard Malignaggi talk about him in the past, so he wanted to give the ex-fighter a chance to feel his thunder.

While the cameras and recording devices were turned off during their time in the ring together, the McGregor camp released a photo of McGregor putting both hands behind his back as he sparred with Malignaggi. McGregor also said that he whipped his opponent, even though no proof was offered.

When the subject turned back to Mayweather, McGregor explained that everybody who had gotten in the ring with him had been afraid of him and respected his talent too much.

The Irishman said that would not be an issue because he has a much different mindset. “I don’t hold respect for Floyd,” McGregor said. “Floyd’s in for the shock of his life.”

The Mayweather-McGregor bout will be available on Showtime pay-per-view at a cost of $89.95 ($99.95 for high definition).


Watch Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Live All Access series Showtime Sports PPV.

I’ve never seen Conor McGregor fight. I don’t watch or care about MMA. That’s not a statement about, or condemnation of, McGregor or MMA; it speaks only to my own preferences and biases.

So this is a piece I’d never have written without Deadspin—or someone—suggesting it to me and offering to pay me for it. I’d have ignored the fight otherwise.

mayweather vs mcgregor fight

But lately, at the urging of friends and as a requirement for writing this article, I’ve watched some videos of McGregor training and sparring in preparation for his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. They baffle me. I can’t figure out whether McGregor is a deluded megalomaniac who actually believes he can box, a total beginner who doesn’t care that he can’t box, or a performance artist with an agenda, deliberately presenting himself as the least gifted, most buffoonish prizefighter imaginable as a way to fuck with Mayweather’s followers. It’s not just that he’s a novice; it’s that he’s a talentless novice. No one could have taught him to be a good fighter, no matter how early in his life they’d gotten him started.

I wonder whether if at some level McGregor’s supporters are in denial about how entirely his usual fighting options will be unavailable to him in this fight. If McGregor were confined solely to boxing, Mayweather’s dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., now 64 years old, would kick the shit out of him.

Watch Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Live

The Score Floyd Mayweather May Be Too Dumb (Or Proud) To Make

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the most successful fighter in boxing history. He’s a very good fighter, maybe even better than very good, but his success is predicated more on knowing how to call his own shots, astute matchmaking, an uncanny aptitude for reading the public, an unpleasant persona that guarantees that people will pay to see him get beat, and a cynicism for boxing fans that borders on contempt than on any extraordinary accomplishments in the ring.

If he didn’t care about the legacy he single-handedly constructed (and, as a brilliant con man playing out the string at the end of a long, long con, he shouldn’t care), his final stroke of genius would have been to bet against himself at the beginning of the odds cycle during the very brief time they were 225-1—before jackpot hunters and McGregor hysteria brought the line closer—and then lose the fight in a freakish manner that didn’t hurt his reputation or foreclose the possibility of a redemptive rematch and would allow him to walk away with an additional hundred million dollars or more.

That would be the ultimate fuck you. I don’t think Mayweather is smart enough or secure enough to pull it off.

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Where to watch: McGregor vs Mayweather fight live | Show time, PPV At Los angels.

FLOYD Mayweather is set to have Nate Diaz walk him out to the ring for his eagerly-anticipated superfight with Conor McGregor, a close pal of the boxer claims.

One of Mayweather’s “The Money Team” members hinted the fighter will walk out with McGregor‘s old foe when the pair meet in Vegas on August 27.

Love & Hip Hop star, Jason Lee — who was in London as part of Mayweather’s entourage for the final world tour press conference with McGregor — told TMZ Sports of the stunt.

Mayweather v McGregor

Lee claimed Money could be walking out with the man to last beat The Notorious. “I was just in London with Floyd when the whole s*** went down with Conor and I’m going to make the call to Nate Diaz,” Lee said. “I would love to see him walk out with Floyd.”

McGregor lost to Diaz in March, 2016, when the Californian fighter locked the Irishman in a rear-naked choke forcing, him to tap out and suffer his first loss since 2010.

Mayweather has walked out to the ring a number of times with Justin Bieber but Lee said he doesn’t see the Canadian singer being involved in the ring-walk with Floyd again.

In other news, McGregor’s sparring partner has fired a warning shot at undefeated boxer Mayweather.

McGregor has been trading blows with ex-boxer Paulie Malignaggi in preparation for the biggest payday of his career.

Speaking on the Big Brown Breakdown podcast, Malignaggi admits that Mayweather will “feel it” if McGregor lands a punch.


“Do you want to know if he hits hard? Yeah, I mean, he’s not a weak puncher. I’ll say that,” Malignaggi said.

“People are dying for me to say, ‘Oh he hits hard!’ Oh, his big left hand.’ Listen, if Conor hits you, you’re going to feel it. He’s a grown man.

“I’d say he’s an above average puncher. If he lands a shot with 10 ounce gloves, it will probably get your attention.

“Is it ‘Oh my God power’? No, ‘Oh my God power’ is very rare.

“I’ve sparred thousands of rounds in my life, I’ve sparred hundreds of people in my life … the amount people that I sparred that had ‘Oh my God power’ is probably only a handful.

“More than anything he’s accurate and I think that’s what plays into the success he has with his punches. Nothing was like overwhelmingly powerful. I mean, he’s got power. He’s more accurate I’d say than anything.”


Mayweather vs McGregor live fight tickets, when do they go on sale and how much?

For months and months, the prospect of undefeated PPV king Floyd Mayweather meeting two-weight UFC world champion Conor McGregor seemed little more than a pipe dream. But now the fight that nobody thought would ever happen is just a few weeks away.

Naturally, demand for the fight is completely unprecedented. The bout is expected to smash pay-per-view, betting and sponsorship records, and is tipped to become the most lucrative event in the history of combat sports.

Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather vs McGregor

Regardless of what you think about the sporting merit of the greatest defensive boxer of his generation fighting a man who has never been involved in a professional boxing match, there can be no doubt that this is the biggest event of a generation. So how do you get there?


Everything you need to know about Mayweather v McGregor

Unfortunately, nabbing a ticket for this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle is adifficult process.It’s going to be costly — especially for British fight fans who need to factor in travel expenses — and tough to track down a ticket.

It doesn’t help that there has been a lot of confusion over where to buy tickets and how much they’re going to cost. But we’re here to help!

How much are the tickets going to cost?

They don’t come cheap. But then you knew that anyway, right?Prices start at ‘just’ £390, but it has already been revealed that seats in this price bracket will have a limited availability.Other tickets will be sold for £1,200, £2,000, £2,800, £4,000 and £5,900.

mayweather vs mcgregor live stream online

mayweather vs mcgregor live stream online

Ticketmaster will be selling the tickets, so make sure you’re logged into their website in good time on Monday morning.It’s also a good idea to register for Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan scheme.

In the words of Ticketmaster: “One thing both fighters can agree on: they’re committed to getting tickets in the hands of fans. Not scalpers or bots. Mayweather and McGregor are collaborating with Ticketmaster to use the #VerifiedFan platform to power their ticket release to KO bots and scalpers so more fans get access to tickets.”


The fight stands to make almost $1bn (Getty)

What about buying one from a ticket resale marketplace?

Be careful. Websites such as StubHub and Viagogo have been selling tickets for the fight ahead of the official ticket sale, with many fans snapping them up for ridiculous prices.

And UFC president Dana White has warned that these tickets are not genuine.
And what happens if I miss out?

You’ll probably have to stump up the cash to watch on PPV — or try to convince a mate to invite you around for the evening.

Not keen on that idea? We’ll be live blogging the fight, if that helps. Following the action round by round will be just as good as being there, we guarantee it

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Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor : McGregor opens training camp at UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

Malignaggi, who retired earlier this year after a career which saw him fight some of the best boxer Mayweather vs. McGregor of the past decade including Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, Adriend Broner, Zab Judah, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia, was brought in by Team McGregor to give him some work ahead of next month’s Floyd Mayweather fight.

Malignaggi, who is now pursuing a broadcast career and helped host Showtime’s coverage of the recent Mayweather-McGregor world preWatch Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregorss tour, gave qualified praise to the Irishman.

“Eight rounds, good work. I can’t disclose too much but McGregor is no dummy …. there’s a method to his madness,” Malignaggi told

Mayweather vs McGregor live boxing fight

“He has an idea of what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, he’s not clueless,” the boxer turned colour man said. “He’s not your conventional boxer by any means but he’s capable and his power is good. Whether that can be effective is up to him, but he’s no dummy!”

McGregor posted several photographs of the session to his Instagram page, including one with his hands held behind his back in the same way he did in the UFC against Eddie Alvarez.

It would seem a risky strategy against a fighter like Mayweather, who showed no mercy to Victor Ortiz when he failed to protect himself in their fight in 2011.

Malignaggi told he was unaware of what followed when McGregor dropped into the daring stance. “I don’t remember,” Paulie said, “but we did our share of touching in eight rounds!”

McGregor dressed for the training in a pair of Gucci shorts, captioning one image: “The boxing ring is mine.”

The official fight poster for Mayweather-McGregor, which will take place on Sunday, August 27 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, was unveiled by Showtime on Saturday morning.

Alvarez, who McGregor completely outclassed at UFC 205 last year, told an ESPN podcast the Irish star has the ability to finish Mayweather.

“Conor has about three or four rounds to get this done,” Alvarez said. “Within those four rounds, if you don’t think Conor can knock this guy out, you’re an idiot or you just don’t know fighting because it can very well happen.

“If he doesn’t get it done by then, then it could look very one-sided. The technical boxing of Floyd Mayweather is enough to make it look really one-sided for him. But Conor, there is a very real chance that he can put him away.”


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Where live MMA trainers would prepare Conor McGregor for Floyd Mayweather

That might be the best way to sum up the four-day world tour promoting the Aug Mayweather vs McGregor  . 26 boxing pay-per-view match between Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The final stop took place in London on Friday, inside a three-sided boxing ring at SSE Arena Wembley and, in it’s own way, provided a sampling of the tour’s totality. McGregor (21-3 in MMA) seemed to find one final spark of humorous creativity while Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs) repeated much of the same tired, profane and obnoxious behavior that ultimately stained the press tour’s final days.

None of this will matter much or likely affect what happens in the ring when they finally square off in just over 40 days in Las Vegas. But it’s fair to question how much the darker side of the international press tour — which included previous stops in Los Angeles, Toronto and Brooklyn, New York — turns out to be a negative in terms of the final PPV receipts.

The tour likely peaked after Round 2 in Toronto, with the rap battle meets celebrity roast format producing a number of crass yet hilarious memes and videos that instantly went viral on social media. But both fighters contributed to the lowest common denominator element of the verbal war, which likely wasn’t helped by the tour using the same exact format at each stop.

Racism, misogyny and homophobia were just a number of categories in which the two fighters went too far. What it created were multiple cringe-worthy moments over the final two days that did nothing but place the entire fight and both participants into a sad and pathetic light.

Still, despite facing constant criticism as nothing more than a money grab and blatant circus, the fight still exits the promotional tour with the potential of setting new financial and PPV records. In fact, it’s fair to argue that the negative aspects of the tour may only help sales considering both fighter’s history of willingly playing the heel in order to market their fights.

At times, it looked as if both fighters were competing to see who could use more profanities over the four-day stretch. In fact, our CBS Sports video team kept an unofficial scorecard, with McGregor coming out on top, 90 to 61.

But if we’re attempting to keep score over the four days as to who got the better of the witty insults and overall showmanship, it just might break down like this: Mayweather had the slight edge in Los Angeles (helped by McGregor’s microphone mysteriously getting cut). The Irishman rallied huge to win Toronto. But in Brooklyn, both fighters stunk up the joint enough to insult everyone’s intelligence inside the building.

The final day went to McGregor, on his 29th birthday no less, and included him slapping Mayweather on his bald head. “The Notorious” returned to the tailored suit look and was slightly more professional (although not by much) than his wild performance on Thursday in a mink coat and no shirt. Mayweather completed the tour dressed like he was ready for a night out on the town in a designer t-shirt and giant silver and gold chains around his neck.

The only thing different about the final stop in London was that the two fighters actually fielded questions from reporters during the press conference inside the arena. McGregor repeated his earlier prediction about how and when the fight will end.

“I do what I say I’m going to do by sleeping this man inside of four rounds, the same way I’ve silenced him every other time,” McGregor said. “It’s what motivates me. They all doubt me. They all laugh at everything. They all try to mock me. It’s been happening my whole career. It motivates me to conquer the unconquerable. Anything is possible. We’re all capable of doing anything.”

The 40-year-old Mayweather, meanwhile, did his best to remove emotion from the situation and keep his salesman hat on his head. He made it a point to hammer home one more time just how dangerous of an opponent he is trying to sell that McGregor will be.

“In boxing, it’s all about taking chances,” Mayweather said. “In boxing, in contact sports period, it’s about taking risks. If you’re going to take risks, take them against the top guys.”

Let’s take a look at the five quotes during Friday’s final stop that garnered the most attention (for better or worse).

1. McGregor looks back at how far he has come: “We are six weeks out from the biggest fight in sporting history and I’m 29 today. Four years ago, I fought in London at a place called the HMB Forum in front of about 500 people. Four years ago. Now here I am, six weeks out, about to quadruple my net worth with one half of a fight. I’m in shock every single time I wake up. Half of a fight, let’s get that right. Sign me up. No one is going to kick, no one is going to elbow. And it’s against this little brittle handed bitch.”

2. Mayweather plays McGregor a lullaby: Upset at McGregor touching him and getting in his face earlier, Mayweather responded by sitting on the table in front of his opponent and putting his feet up. He then scooted over and got directly into McGregor’s face.

“I ain’t going to touch you until Aug. 26,” Mayweather said. “I’d knock you the f— out punk.”

Mayweather then motioned for the in-house DJ to play McGregor a song, which included a chorus about tapping out. The song was a reference to McGregor’s three defeats in MMA, which all have come by submission.

3. Conor has fun with Floyd’s age: “May, you’re 40, get that f—ing phone out of your hand like a f—ing kid. A 40-year old man, what the f—? He was wearing high heels yesterday. Check the face off picture from yesterday and check it from the day before. Proper f—ing high heels this bitch was wearing. You should have worn them on the first day you stupid, f—ing t—.

“He could have rode off into the sunset at 49-0. Instead, this is my first time in a boxing ring and in six weeks, I run boxing. How the f— did they let me roll up in here? They got greedy, that’s f—ing how.”

4. McGregor continues his feud with Showtime executive: Still upset about getting his microphone cut during the first tour stop in Los Angeles, McGregor continued to blame Showtime Sports’ vice president and general manager Stephen Espinoza and once again got into his face.

“What’s up Espinoza, you little f—ing weasel. If there was ever a guy who looked like a weasel it’s this f—ing guy. What are you going to do? You going to stand up and do something ?You sit down and shut your f—ing mouth.”

5. Mayweather finally delivers punchline to White: After days of chumming up with White on stage and apologizing for his negative comments over the years, Mayweather finally came through with a joke after playing out the same tired lines for four days.

“Dana, you don’t got to wear no suit. Dana, I ain’t got to wear no suit,” Mayweather said. “Me and you got the most money. Keep pimping this bitch. Twenty-one years ago, me and you had a game plan. We the smart ones when it’s all said and done.

“Yeah, we are going to take these foreign fighters and we’re going to use them. We some smart Americans and you out here running with a quitter. But I forgot — you a pimp and he’s your ho. I respect dana White. In fact, I love Dana White.”